Our Science

ShilpaBio has innovated unique platforms positioned to provide business value to customers worldwide

Global pain-point

Small Volume manufacturing
High operation costs of cell culture media

Next Steps – Programs in development

ContiGly™ platform for Development of pathway engineered cells that enable tunable glycosylation
ContiSec™ platform for Development of pathway engineered cells that enhance longevity and secretion from cells

ShilpaBio’s solution

High density continuous bioprocess platform for production of biopharmaceuticals from small footprint facility - ContiMAb™ , ContiFuse™ & ContiVir™
Development of low-cost cell culture media and media kit to enable continuous processing

Know More About ContiMAb™ & ContiFuse™ Know More About ContiVir™

ShilpaBio’s Scientific Mission 2021-2025

Continuous bioprocess platform ContiMAb & ContiFuse platforms to enable penetration of biologics from 5% to 30% of the patient population. Our scientists leverage the platforms for biosimilars portfolio development.

We welcome partners who share the mutual goal of making high quality biopharmaceuticals affordable to patients globally.
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