NavAlbumin Technology Platform

  • Cell and Gene Therapy

  • Vaccine Stabilization

  • Medical-device Coating

  • Fusion Proteins

    Recombinant NavAlbumin could be explored for creative formulation strategies to customize based on precise needs. Our scientific experts would work with you closely to develop therapeutic solutions to scale up into a commercial product.

    NavAlbumin can reduce costs down the line by increasing safety and reducing the patient inconvenience at the hospital level. If NavAlbumin is used early in the development cycle, it can solve stability issues that would previously have delayed product launch.

    ' NavAlbumin is a cost effective, single solution to many stability issues, and is particularly effective when used in very early development – products can be stabilized quickly in a common formulation, speeding up the long route to market.

    Business Models

    • Novel formulation development programs with NavAlbumin – Potential partners can work with ShilpaBio in development, characterisation, and commercialisation of novel formulations
    • Co-development of novel formulations – ShilpaBio and potential partners can explore opportunity to co-develop novel formulations / devices