ShilpaBio has first-in-class biosimilar products in development pipeline.

Biosimilars are attractive for their affordable costs and access enhancement to a wider patient population. The world has witnessed a growing need for biosimilars treatment and the market is expected to grow enormously in the next decade. ShilpaBio welcomes partnership opportunities to maximize the biosimilars reach to a diverse patient population across globe.

What are Biosimilars?

As the name suggests, Biosimilars signify the similarity to original biologic medicines providing the same quality, efficacy and safety evaluated by regulatory agencies

Relevancy to Patients

A patient treated with a reference product can change to its approved biosimilar, without loss of efficacy or an increase in safety risk along with an added benefit of costs savings

Information for HCPs (Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nurses)

Biosimilars offer promises to the healthcare professionals with,

1) More treatment options

2) More access to medications that can save lives

3) Possibility that market-competition will drive down the costs of healthcare
Biosimilars approval enables interchangeability of medicines in the hope of increased access to important and life-saving medications to the global patient population